BREAKING: Arizona player takes a shot at the franchise

Published July 29, 2023 at 2:16 PM

The Arizona Coyotes' venture into "hockey in the desert" has encountered its fair share of challenges, defying Gary Bettman's initial hopes.

Currently, the team is contending with difficulties while playing in ASU's Mullett Arena, prompting calls for Bettman to acknowledge the reality and contemplate a possible relocation.

Their predicament is exacerbated by the less-than-ideal Mullett Arena, boasting a mere 4,600 seats. Regrettably, the arena seldom witnessed sold-out games, with many matches dominated by away fans due to steep ticket prices, reaching as high as $160 for the cheapest seat in the tiny university venue.

«I don't think a single game was sold out this year. It was mostly away fans too. The prices are stupid, $160 for the cheapest seat in a tiny university arena.»

Karel Vejmelka, the team's goaltender, expressed his dismay over the challenges they faced during the past season. As they await a new Arizona home, the Coyotes' inability to pass a referendum for funding a new district and arena has raised concerns for the franchise's future.

Though the situation is less than ideal, Vejmelka's public criticism of the team may not foster favor with the front office or Gary Bettman. As they navigate these hardships, the Coyotes must find a way to maintain their credibility while searching for a sustainable solution for their home ice.

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BREAKING: Arizona player takes a shot at the franchise

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