Meet the NHL's Next Zdeno Chara in Dmitry Simashev

Published September 6, 2023 at 3:31 PM
The 2023 NHL Draft saw the Arizona Coyotes make a bold move, selecting defenseman Dmitry Simashev as the sixth overall pick. Simashev, who currently plays for Yaroslavl Lokomotiv in the KHL, was the surprise choice.

When Simashev put on the Coyotes' jersey at the draft, GM Bill Armstrong realized that the young Russian defenseman was even taller than initially believed. Armstrong revealed that Simashev stands at an impressive 6'7", not the previously reported 6'4".

This revelation not only solidifies Simashev as one of the tallest players in the league but also highlights his remarkable speed and skating skills. Comparisons to the legendary Zdeno Chara are already surfacing, generating excitement among fans and experts eager to see Simashev on NHL ice.

At just 18 years old, Simashev's future looks promising, and the Coyotes are thrilled to have a potential giant on their blue line, someone who could follow in the footsteps of NHL legend Zdeno Chara.

The hockey world remembers Chara's impact, and the prospect of Simashev drawing inspiration from the former Boston Bruins great is an exciting storyline to follow. It promises to be an intriguing journey ahead!

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Meet the NHL's Next Zdeno Chara in Dmitry Simashev

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