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A Boston Bruins journalist criticizes the NHL after Pastrnak's expulsion

Published December 17, 2023 at 10:12

During a recent game, emotions ran high when David Pastrnak, a standout player for the Boston Bruins, was thrown out of the match due to a hit from behind.

The occurrence prompted a strong reaction from a Bruins journalist who openly criticized the NHL for what he saw as clear inconsistencies in their disciplinary measures. Voicing dissatisfaction, the reporter highlighted the contrast in penalties, particularly referencing another play by Cousins that resulted in a mere two-minute penalty without any subsequent suspension.

But the reporter didn't halt there; they highlighted a separate incident involving Evander Kane. Despite a forceful collision with Jonas Brodin that caused Brodin to crash through the glass, Kane faced no penalties. The fervent appeal for uniformity in penalties concluded with a plea for future infractions to be handled consistently, stressing the necessity for a fair and standardized approach going forward.

"But Cousins gets a two and no suspension...this league is so fucking inconsistent hooooooly sh*t. not to mention Kane gets no penalty on the play from running Brodin through the glass. this better be a 5 and a game for everyone going forward that's all I'm trying to say."

Source: Bruinsinsider
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A Boston Bruins journalist criticizes the NHL after Pastrnak's expulsion

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