A Major Rumour Regarding Brad Marchand Has Been Confirmed

Published September 20, 2023 at 10:16 PM
In a significant announcement today, the Boston Bruins introduced Brad Marchand as their 27th captain in franchise history, succeeding the retired Patrice Bergeron.

Amidst major speculation following Patrice Bergeron's retirement, the Boston Bruins officially confirmed today that Brad Marchand would be stepping into the role of captain, marking a significant moment in the team's history.

The organization had high praise for Marchand's leadership qualities:

"The things that [captains like Ray, Zee, and Bergy] have in common were, not only were they great players but they worked hard every day at practice and pushed their teammates to work hard. And Brad does that."

"Brad is well prepared to be in this position. I think he'd be the first to tell you it's a privilege to be named captain and follow in the footsteps of somebody that he was very close with and learned from [in Patrice]."

«What I love is his competitive nature on the ice. When I got here, I didn't realize that that was an everyday occurrence...there's emotion to the way he speaks...and in games, he does drag people naturally into the fight."

This announcement adds excitement to Boston as they aim to chase their Stanley Cup aspirations under Marchand's leadership.
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A Major Rumour Regarding Brad Marchand Has Been Confirmed

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