An unforeseen statement from Jim Montgomery about Matthew Poitras emerges

Christopher Faucher
November 24, 2023  (0:22)

Matthew Poitras, a rookie center for the Boston Bruins, appears to be going through a tough period, managing just one assist in his previous six games, tallying a goal and two assists in his last ten games.

During the pre-game media briefing, held about two hours prior to their match against the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, Florida, Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery was asked a question by Jim McBride, a reporter from the Boston Globe. McBride asked if there were any strategies the coaching staff could implement to spark improvement in the 19-year-old rookie.
"You can put him in situations that are favorable, like offensive zone starts, but he's gotta kickstart himself," Montgomery said.

Montgomery's reply stood as the premier instance of him openly advocating for Poitras since the rookie's impressive emergence during training camp, earning a spot on the 2023-24 Boston Bruins roster. Initially, there appeared to be little challenge, as Poitras excelled during his nine-game trial in the regular season, drawing comparisons to the recently retired former Bruins captain and future Hall-of-Famer Patrice Bergeron. Poitras demonstrated his skills with three goals and two assists in his initial nine games, prompting commendation from his coach for his adeptness in both offense and defense.
During Halloween, Montgomery expressed assurance in Poitras, highlighting his advancement and contribution to winning hockey matches. Despite being cautious due to his youth, Montgomery outlined the reasons for Poitras' continued presence on the team, emphasizing his understanding of the game, abilities, foresight, and notably, his competitive nature.
While Poitras' offensive performance has slightly declined, Montgomery persistently endeavors to back and place him in a favorable position. Nevertheless, it appears the current Jack Adams Award winner may have adopted an altered approach, employing a mix of strict guidance on Poitras, who was once again set to skate between Danton Heinen and Jake DeBrusk on Wednesday night.
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