Another fan favourite Bruin may return at the deadline

Published September 1, 2023 at 5:27 PM
Torey Krug, the seasoned Blues defenseman, recently made headlines by declining a trade offer that would have seen him heading to the Philadelphia team. It's a decision that raises questions about his future with the Blues.

Krug's contract comes with a hefty $6.5 million price tag over the next four years, making it no easy feat to find a suitable trade partner. Despite this obstacle, hockey analyst Jeremy Rutherford from The Athletic offers a glimmer of hope, suggesting the possibility of an in-season trade involving the 32-year-old player.

To increase his attractiveness to potential suitors, Krug has the opportunity to reclaim his status as a dependable power play contributor. His ability to thrive on power plays could significantly boost his appeal to other teams. Moreover, the situation could work in his favor. The team's transparent attempt to trade him might create an opening for a potential move.

In the previous season, Krug demonstrated his prowess by securing an impressive 19 points during power plays, accounting for more than half of his total points. Yet, during his time with Boston, he managed to accumulate around 30 power play points in his final seasons with the team. If he can replicate that level of performance, there's no doubt it would strengthen his trade value.

In essence, Torey Krug's decision to decline the trade offer sets the stage for intriguing possibilities. Whether he can regain his power play prowess and navigate the trade landscape remains to be seen, but his journey will undoubtedly be one to watch in the coming months.

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Another fan favourite Bruin may return at the deadline

After seeing Lucic come back this year would you like to see Krug come back aswell?

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