BREAKING - Anticipating a Significant Bruins Goaltending Move Next Off-Season Involving Ullmark or Swayman

Published August 13, 2023 at 12:40

As the dust settles on an eventful off-season marked by player departures due to free agency and retirement, the Boston Bruins' goaltending tandem of Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman emerges as a focal point. With the farewells of Taylor Hall, Tyler Bertuzzi, Dmitry Orlov, and Patrice Bergeron, any move involving these star goalies could significantly impact the team's playoff ambitions.

Amidst the turbulence that reshaped various roster positions, the Bruins remain resolute in preserving their goaltending dynamic. However, an air of uncertainty hangs over the horizon, stretching beyond the current season. The combined cap hits of Ullmark and Swayman for the 2023-24 season amount to $8.475 million, setting the stage for potential strategic decisions if Swayman's salary experiences an upward surge. NBC Sports Boston's Nick Goss delves into the intriguing scenario where one of them might find themselves traded next summer.

Goss presents a compelling notion: Should Swayman ascend to a consistent top-10 goaltender stature, the possibility of releasing Ullmark's $5 million cap hit gains traction. This financial freedom could pave the way for shoring up other critical team positions, particularly the vacuum left by Bergeron and potentially David Krejci in the top-six center role.

The anticipation of a pivotal move during the subsequent off-season looms large as the Bruins navigate intricate decisions. Goss foresees Ullmark as a prime trade candidate, citing factors like a higher salary cap and the dwindling duration of his contract.

In the present, the Bruins place their trust in both goaltenders, aspiring for consistent victories beyond sporadic wins. Their immediate focus remains honed on their competitive edge, fortified by the excellence of their goaltending tandem. However, the curtain falls on this season, a comprehensive reevaluation of the goaltending position becomes an inevitability, transcending the game's outcomes on the ice.

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BREAKING - Anticipating a Significant Bruins Goaltending Move Next Off-Season Involving Ullmark or Swayman

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