BREAKING: Bruins player involved in Controversy

Published July 20, 2023 at 7:56 PM

Trent Frederic, a restricted free agent for the Boston Bruins, is finding himself amidst controversy as he opts for arbitration.

Some fans are expressing skepticism about his abilities, questioning his player identity and pointing to his scoring reliance on linemates.

A tweet from one fan emphasizes these concerns, stating,
"What's his identity as a player? He's not a scorer, not physical, not intimidating, doesn't play a heavy game. I understand he scored 17 goals but his linemates carried him and he won't be skating with either of them this season."

However, it's essential not to overlook Frederic's defensive prowess and offensive contributions.

Despite limited ice time on the 4th line, he impressively managed to rack up 31 points, reflecting 2nd/3rd line production in just 12 minutes per night.

As the arbitration process unfolds, the spotlight is on Frederic's potential and versatility on the ice, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the resolution of the dispute and the clarity it will bring to his future with the Bruins.
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BREAKING: Bruins player involved in Controversy

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