BREAKING: Key Dates that Could Impact the Boston Bruins

Published July 10, 2023 at 11:00 PM

The Bruins' RFA Arbitration: Key Dates Impacting Boston's Roster

After the conclusion of NHL free agency and the Bruins' development camp, the attention of Boston's front office now shifts to the remaining offseason tasks.

Recently, the NHL and NHLPA disclosed the arbitration hearing dates for Boston's eligible restricted free agent (RFA) players, including Trent Frederic (Aug 1) and Jeremy Swayman (July 30), both integral parts of the Black and Gold.

Thankfully, the agreement to go through arbitration removes the possibility of offer sheets, although it is widely known that players like Swayman and Frederic express a strong desire to remain with the Bruins.

While there may be speculation about potential offer sheets, the likelihood of such a scenario remains highly improbable. Additionally, scheduling an arbitration hearing does not prevent the parties from reaching a separate contract agreement before the hearing, but once the hearing begins, they are bound by the arbitration process.

With the goal of avoiding arbitration, it is expected that resulting contracts would likely span one or two years. The Bruins, along with the players and their representatives, are actively working towards finding a suitable solution, as demonstrated by recent signings of non-arbitration eligible RFAs Jakub Lauko and Kyle Keyser.

The team aims to accommodate all three players within their $5.5 million salary cap space. Ultimately, much attention is on Swayman, the 24-year-old goaltender who has shown great promise among the ranks of talented young netminders.

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BREAKING: Key Dates that Could Impact the Boston Bruins

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