BREAKING: Milan Lucic Talks About How He Feels With Returning To The Bruins

Published July 3, 2023 at 9:45 PM

The excitement Milan Lucic feels about reuniting with the Boston Bruins is perfectly exemplified by his personal purchase of Black and Gold fan gear.

However, Lucic's profound fondness for both Boston and the Bruins organization was prominently showcased during his press conference on Saturday, which followed the signing of his one-year contract.

"I have the sensation of returning home," Lucic revealed to reporters, as documented in an official team transcript. "I have always identified as a Bruin, and I am tremendously happy and grateful for the opportunity to once again be a part of the Bruins."

As time went by, Lucic's yearning to be a Bruin only intensified. "Interestingly enough, I found myself engrossed in Bruins hockey games. I caught myself passionately rooting for the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Patriots. It's one of those things because it was a place where I genuinely matured."

Drafted by the Bruins in 2006 and a recipient of the Stanley Cup with the team in 2011, Lucic endeared himself to Boston fans with his tenacious, physical style of play and his willingness to battle in the demanding areas of the ice. This is why supporters of the Black and Gold are overjoyed to have him back, despite his age of 35.

"I eagerly await this moment, as I have envisioned it for the past seven years," Lucic shared. "I have imagined what it would be like to proudly wear the spoked-B, the Black and Gold, once again. That's why I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity."

"When you start somewhere, I don't want to say I took it for granted. I lived it, and I genuinely cherished the significance of being a Boston Bruin, residing in Boston, playing for an Original Six team, and performing in front of those devoted fans every single night. The chance to relive that experience now makes me even more grateful than I was initially, as sometimes you don't fully comprehend the greatness of things until they are gone."

Lucic also stressed that his return was not merely for a farewell tour. He expressed his return is driven by the "right reasons" and firmly believes that the Bruins have a team capable of pursuing a championship.

This sentiment will undoubtedly strike a chord with Bruins fans.

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BREAKING: Milan Lucic Talks About How He Feels With Returning To The Bruins

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