BREAKING - Milan Lucic Unveils Widespread Interest from Numerous Teams

Published August 2, 2023 at 7:50

On July 1st, Milan Lucic made a triumphant return to the Boston Bruins, signing a one-year contract and rejoining the franchise where his illustrious NHL journey began, culminating in a Stanley Cup victory. But it seems he had other suitors this summer.

In a recent interview, Lucic revealed that two other teams expressed interest in signing him. One of those teams was the Calgary Flames, where he had a connection with Tre. However, Lucic acknowledged that his strong ties to Boston made it difficult to consider joining the Leafs.

Regarding the Chicago Blackhawks, Lucic expressed excitement about the prospect of playing in one of the league's coolest cities, where he has a significant amount of family support. Ultimately, his heart brought him back to Boston.

During his initial eight-year stint with the Bruins, Lucic played a pivotal role in their success, contributing to their 2011 Stanley Cup triumph and delivering multiple 20+ goal seasons. Now, the Bruins are hopeful that his return will add tenacity and grit to their bottom-six while occasionally contributing crucial goals.

As Lucic dons the black and gold once again, both the player and the Bruins' faithful are eager to witness his impact on the ice and relive the magic that led to his previous Stanley Cup victory.

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BREAKING - Milan Lucic Unveils Widespread Interest from Numerous Teams

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