BREAKING: One Of The Bruins Top UFA Players States He's Gonna Test Free Agency

Austin Sabourin
June 4, 2023  (11:41)

Boston Bruins defenseman Dmitry Orlov recently expressed his excitement about exploring the free agency market as an unrestricted free agent on July 1, according to a report from Russia.

Orlov's comments, as translated by Google from his interview with Sport-Express on June 2, shed light on his perspective:
"This is a new experience for me. I wouldn't say it's intimidating, but I genuinely look forward to the market opening and starting negotiations. However, there's nothing happening at the moment. Until July 1, I remain a Boston Bruin, so I can only sign a new contract with them. But things will change in a month's time. Naturally, I'd prefer a long-term contract for stability and peace of mind. But there are many factors to consider, and one can't predict everything."

This revelation follows reports suggesting that the Bruins have a strong interest in signing the 31-year-old defenseman and possibly trading Hampus Lindholm, a 29-year-old blueliner, to make room for the move. Rumors indicate that the team is particularly enamored with Orlov, surpassing their affinity for Lindholm. Speculation also circulates that the Bruins might have doubts about Lindholm and could make him available for trade. There has been talk within the NHL trade circles about the Bruins potentially considering Taylor Hall, their winger with a $6 million average annual value over the next two seasons, as a salary cap casualty.
Given this recent report about Orlov's intentions from Russia, the likelihood of the Lindholm trade rumor seems increasingly unlikely, especially if Orlov remains determined to explore the NHL free agent market on July 1. It's worth noting that Orlov has already expressed interest in the possibility of returning to the Washington Capitals. When asked about the situation on May 2, he stated,
«We'll see. It's a tough decision. Probably, yes. They will talk to my agent. From my point of view, if they trade me, I don't think it will work out. But time will tell."

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BREAKING: One Of The Bruins Top UFA Players States He's Gonna Test Free Agency

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