BREAKING: Patrice Bergeron receives backlash following his retirement

Published July 26, 2023 at 6:39

The hockey world was left disheartened in the wake of Patrice Bergeron's retirement, as certain radio hosts chose to adopt a negative stance on his illustrious career.

Despite being widely recognized as one of the sport's top defensive centers, boasting an impressive career pace of 66 points, Bergeron faced criticism from some quarters.

Among those vocalizing their critique were felger & Mazz, renowned Boston radio legends celebrated for their candid opinions on all things Boston sports.

Over the years, they didn't shy away from asserting that Bergeron was overrated due to his two Cup losses and questioned his status as the best offensive 2-way player in the game.

As fans, it can be tough to endure such unfavorable commentary, particularly when directed at a player of Bergeron's caliber and unwavering dedication to the sport. Nevertheless, amidst differing opinions, it remains vital to cherish and celebrate the remarkable legacy that Patrice Bergeron leaves behind.
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BREAKING: Patrice Bergeron receives backlash following his retirement

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