BREAKING: The Real Reason Bertuzzi Left The Bruins

Published July 4, 2023 at 2:55 PM

As the Bruins and Bertuzzi engaged in contract negotiations, Bertuzzi's representatives expressed their interest in securing a lengthy agreement.

Unfortunately, the two parties struggled to reach a consensus regarding the financial aspects of the deal.

Bertuzzi's camp wanted a long-term deal. Couldn't find common ground on money. They go to market, Bruins move on to other business.

By the time the "pivot" to a one-year deal happened, Bruins had already committed that cap space to other players.

Consequently, the Bruins made the decision to explore alternative options, leading Bertuzzi to enter the free agent market.

However, when the possibility of a one-year contract arose as a potential middle ground, it was already too late for the Bruins.

They had already distributed their remaining salary cap space among other players.
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BREAKING: The Real Reason Bertuzzi Left The Bruins

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