Boston Bruins Facing Challenge in Filling Patrice Bergeron's Shoes

Published August 17, 2023 at 2:47 PM

The Boston Bruins are grappling with the aftermath of the retirements of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron this offseason, a double blow that has created a notable gap in their team lineup, particularly at the center position.

New Dynamics Unfolding


Reports from Ken Wiebe at Sportsnet have indicated that the Boston Bruins are unlikely to pursue a trade deal involving Mark Scheifele.


The void left by the departure of these two franchise stalwarts means that Boston's existing center choices comprise players like Pavel Zacha, Charlie Coyle, Morgan Geekie, and Jesper Boquist. While the wings possess exceptional talents, the need for robust center play has become evident.

Consequently, the rumor mill has linked Boston to potential replacements such as Mark Scheifele and Elias Lindholm during this offseason. However, financial constraints, owing to salary cap limitations, pose a considerable obstacle to securing a high-profile center.

Primary Contender on the Radar

Although Elias Lindholm has delivered a commendable performance for Calgary, many had their eyes on Mark Scheifele, a key figure in the Winnipeg Jets, as the ideal candidate. Nevertheless, a recent report from Ken Wiebe at Sportsnet suggests that the Bruins are not currently equipped to initiate a deal, casting doubt on the feasibility of such a transaction.

As the future unfolds, with substantial projected cap space in the upcoming year, Wiebe proposes that a waiting strategy could be the prudent path. While mid-season acquisitions might prove beneficial to the Bruins, it appears that the organization is inclined to preserve their future assets for the time being.

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Boston Bruins Facing Challenge in Filling Patrice Bergeron's Shoes

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