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Boston Bruins' Goalie Criticizes Teammates After Defeat

Published January 12, 2024 at 6:38 PM
At a notably intense postgame press conference, Boston Bruins goalie Jeremy Swayman was forthright in his criticism of the team after a challenging defeat, emphasizing the necessity for better performance in critical moments.

The agitation in Swayman's demeanor was clear as he spoke to the press, centering his remarks around a crucial stop against Ivan Barbashev and the resulting overtime defeat. Even though he executed significant saves, the youthful goalie underlined the significance of making those saves at crucial times and conveyed his dissatisfaction with the team's failure to secure victories in such situations.

"I have to make saves in timely matters. I'm happy to have them, but we have to finish these types of games," Swayman asserted. "It's just not acceptable at this point."

The goaltender's comments became fervent as he expressed his keenness to tackle the problems and enhance the team's play. Swayman's lively attitude during the postgame press conference was a noticeable shift from his typically serene and collected manner, highlighting the importance of the situation.

"I'm excited to get to work and to finish games. Because we will soon be finishing these games, and it's going to feel f'n good,"

Swayman made a clear statement, unequivocally expressing his resolve to guide the Bruins through difficult times.

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Boston Bruins' Goalie Criticizes Teammates After Defeat

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