Boston Bruins Goalies Projected Cap Hit For Next Season Has Come Out

Published May 28, 2023 at 10:05

Jeremy Swayman, the Boston Bruins' goaltender, is poised to receive a significant boost in his NHL salary due to his impressive performance last season. According to a recent report, his projected cap hit is estimated to reach a substantial $4,454,000 million, emphasizing his undeniable value to the team. Throughout the previous year, Swayman demonstrated his worth by starting in 37 games for the Bruins, effectively showcasing his skills and establishing himself as a reliable goaltender.

Undoubtedly, Swayman played a pivotal role in the Bruins' success last season. His record of 24 wins, 6 losses, and 4 overtime losses serves as a testament to his consistent high-level performance. With an impressive goals against average of 2.27, he effectively stopped opposing teams' scoring attempts. Also, his .920 save percentage underscores his dependability and knack for making crucial saves to keep his team in the game.

At just 24 years old, Swayman's future appears incredibly promising. His exceptional play in the crease has garnered the trust and support of both his teammates and coaches. As he continues to mature and gain experience, the Boston Bruins can rest assured knowing they posses a talented and capable goaltender safeguarding their net for years to come.

However, while Swayman undoubtedly deserves such a salary increase, it presents a challenging situation for the Bruins. The team currently faces a restricted salary cap, with only $4.9 million available and just 15 out of 23 roster spots filled.
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Boston Bruins Goalies Projected Cap Hit For Next Season Has Come Out

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