Boston Bruins Show Little Interest in Extending Star Winger's Contract

Published September 17, 2023 at 7:37
Jake DeBrusk's contract negotiations with the Boston Bruins are at a standstill, as indicated by his recent remarks.

Before the Boston Bruins Foundation's 20th annual golf tournament, DeBrusk spoke to the Boston media about his contract situation. He explained, "No, I haven't heard anything yet. It's been a bit of a crazy few days with travel and losing my bags and all... they found them! It was quite a long day at the airport..."

As he enters the final season of his two-year contract with a $4 million salary cap hit, DeBrusk could potentially become an unrestricted free agent next July 1. Despite his desire to stay with the Bruins, he's not letting contract discussions detract from his focus on the upcoming season. He said, "I'm just focused on getting ready for game 1. Preparing my game... it's not my main focus, but it's going to be a significant year for our team overall."

Reflecting on his journey over the past couple of years, which included a trade request, a contract extension, and a career-best season, DeBrusk noted, "I've learned a lot about myself, and it's been a process of self-discovery... I know I have more to offer. I worked hard in the offseason, and I'm feeling prepared."

Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery displayed confidence in DeBrusk, saying, "He's entering the prime of his career, and I believe he's ready to take on a leading role... Mentally, he's eager for it."

DeBrusk echoed his coach's sentiments, emphasizing his role, "I know what I can bring to the team every night... I can only improve by continually trying."

It's evident that DeBrusk is gearing up for a pivotal season, with contract negotiations not overshadowing his preparation.

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Boston Bruins Show Little Interest in Extending Star Winger's Contract

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