Boston Bruins Star's Unrecognized Season

Published September 13, 2023 at 12:39
David Pastrnak delivered an impressive season for the Boston Bruins last year, but his efforts went unrecognized on the awards front.

Despite his eye-popping stats, including 61 goals (31st all-time), 52 assists, and 113 points, he was shut out of the major honors. His 43 even-strength goals (27th all-time) and 76 even-strength points (2nd in the NHL) showcased his offensive prowess.

David Pastrnak this season:

82 Games
— 61 Goals (31st alltime)
— 52 Assists
— 113 Points
— 43 EVG (27th alltime)
— 76 EVP (2nd in NHL)
— +34
— 407 Shots (1st in NHL)
— On the winningest team in NHL history
— Led team in scoring by 34 goals

And no major hardware to show for it.

Pastrnak continued his stellar performance, playing all 82 games, scoring 61 goals, and racking up 113 points while leading the NHL with 407 shots.

He even contributed to the most successful team in NHL history and outscored his teammates by a remarkable 34 goals. This highlights that individual brilliance doesn't always translate to awards.
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Boston Bruins Star's Unrecognized Season

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