Bruins Allegedly Reject Trade Involving Prominent Goaltender

Published September 5, 2023 at 4:05 PM
The Boston Bruins are making changes to their team roster, particularly focusing on strengthening their center depth. There have been rumors suggesting that Linus Ullmark might be traded as part of a strategic shift.

According to a report by Ty Anderson, the Bruins have turned down a trade offer for Ullmark, aiming to get a fair return for him. Anderson points out that there are complications due to salary cap limitations and Ullmark's trade protection. He states,

" team did show interest in offering the Bruins a reasonable return for Ullmark. However, this trade required certain adjustments that didn't come through, and Ullmark had to agree to waive his no-trade clause."

Although the trade didn't happen, these discussions highlight the Bruins' willingness to explore options involving Ullmark. Now, the attention shifts to Jeremy Swayman.

Speculation that Swayman might want to leave for Alaska has been dismissed by Anderson. He clarifies,

"As for the idea of trading Jeremy Swayman, it doesn't seem like the Bruins were seriously considering that option... Swayman's parents no longer live in Alaska, and this rumor is false."

With Swayman's status clarified, both he and Ullmark will be starting the upcoming season. If necessary, Ullmark could potentially be traded based on how well Swayman performs.

The upcoming season poses an interesting challenge as the Bruins adjust their core team, drawing on their strong history to navigate through changes.
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Bruins Allegedly Reject Trade Involving Prominent Goaltender

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