Bruins Forward Gets Emotional When Talking About His Future In The NHL

Austin Sabourin
June 1, 2023  (5:45 PM)

The Boston Bruins' pursuit of another championship run, reminiscent of the iconic "Last Dance" era, fell short of their aspirations. Their dreams of a deep playoff push and a triumphant victory parade through the bustling streets of Boston were abruptly shattered with a shocking elimination in the first round, a bitter pill to swallow within a mere two weeks. This devastating defeat will serve as a motivator for the core players, propelling them to dedicate their offseason to grueling workouts in a bid to come back stronger. However, for some members of the team, this may mark the end of their journey in Boston as they contemplate seeking new opportunities elsewhere. One such player, David Krejci, the Bruins' center, openly expressed the emotional toll inflicted by this untimely exit and acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding his future with the team.

Reflecting on the painful loss, Krejci, seated in front of his locker at Warrior Ice Arena during the break-up day, candidly admitted, "I've experienced some tough years in the past, but I would rank this one right up there with the disappointment of 2019. This defeat is going to sting."
Krejci did not shy away from addressing the elephant in the room, acknowledging the added pain of this unexpected first-round departure.
"Then there's another aspect to consider: That could have been my final game," Krejci confessed, his voice heavy with mixed emotions. "There's an overwhelming surge of feelings. Frankly, I'd rather not discuss it too much, because we've all had these conversations with numerous teammates over the past few days. It becomes an emotional whirlwind, and I'm simply not ready to confront it at this moment."

To dispel any speculations, Krejci made it unequivocally clear that a return to HC Olomouc in the Czech League was not on his radar. Firmly, he stated,
"No, that's not even a consideration. It's either come back to the Bruins or call it a day. If I do choose to return, it will be in the NHL. I have closed the door, so I'll be making my decision soon."
Despite grappling with injuries that hindered his performance towards the end of the regular season and playoffs, Krejci delivered an impressive campaign, tallying 16 goals and 56 points. His choice to embark on one final campaign with the team encompasses multiple factors, including the challenges posed by family separation and the Bruins' intricate salary cap situation.
"No, it's an NHL return for me, and undeniably, it will be with the Bruins," Krejci emphasized when questioned about a potential homecoming in his native country during the summer. "I did what I set out to do last year, and I'm content with my decision. No regrets. But I've firmly shut the door, so I'll be arriving at a resolution soon."

Although Krejci firmly believed that this season held promise for the Bruins, their overall depth and stellar performances ultimately fell short of the lofty expectations placed upon them. The sting of disappointment from their early playoff exit lingers, necessitating Krejci to distance himself from the immediate aftermath and allocate time for introspection in order to make a thoughtful decision. Having achieved the remarkable milestone of 1,000 games played with the Bruins, Krejci's impact on the franchise is undeniably profound, and the forthcoming determination regarding his future will undoubtedly leave an enduring imprint on his legacy in the city of Boston.
"I genuinely believed this was the year," Krejci expressed with a tinge of melancholy. "Considering the exceptional goalkeeping performances and the outstanding defensive efforts, it's truly remarkable. Not to mention the incredible depth we possessed in our forward lines. I think everybody stepped in at some point and that's what you need in the playoffs. It just ended the way it did.»

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Bruins Forward Gets Emotional When Talking About His Future In The NHL

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