Bruins Forward States He Dislikes Marchand

Published October 6, 2023 at 6:23 PM
Growing up in Ontario, Matthew Poitras had his share of hockey loyalties. Hailing from the Toronto area, it was almost a rite of passage to lean towards the Maple Leafs, as many local kids did. However, there was one player who didn't exactly win the hearts of Leafs fans - Brad Marchand.

When Poitras reflects on his feelings towards Marchand during his childhood, he doesn't hold back. He candidly admits,
"Uh, I never really hated anybody," with a chuckle. "But obviously he's a bit of a pest out there. Growing up in the Toronto area, being somewhat of a Leafs fan ... yeah."

This sentiment isn't unique; it resonates with many in Leafs Nation. Marchand's reputation as a master agitator and his knack for getting under opponents' skin have made him a polarizing figure in the hockey world.

While Marchand's skill on the ice is unquestionable, his status as an agitator precedes him.

Curiously, fate has a way of bringing together the most unlikely pairings. Today, Poitras finds himself wearing a Boston jersey alongside none other than Brad Marchand. Whether this unique experience will alter his perspective on the pesky forward remains uncertain. Still, it's an unexpected twist of fate that even the most die-hard Leafs fans couldn't have foreseen.
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Bruins Forward States He Dislikes Marchand

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