Bruins Player May Get An Offer Sheet From A Team In The West

Published July 6, 2023 at 10:32 PM

In the NHL, offer sheets serve as a legal but aren't often used to acquire restricted free agents.

Nevertheless, given the present salary cap restrictions and the limited cap space of various teams, speculations arise that offer sheets may experience a resurgence this year.

The Boston Bruins, who possess $6.2 million in cap space and require signings for Swayman and two additional restricted free agents, find themselves potentially vulnerable to such an offer.

While the Bruins aim to secure Swayman's services, his impressive performance in the previous season—garnering a 24-6-4 record, a 2.27 GAA, and a .920 save percentage—could generate interest from other teams.

The Chicago Blackhawks, boasting $17.2 million in cap space, emerge as one potential suitor to present an offer sheet for Swayman. Their possession of multiple high draft picks in 2024 adds further intrigue to the unfolding situation.

Boston's general manager, Don Sweeney, has expressed unwavering confidence in Swayman and the organization's desire for a long-term commitment.

However, matching an enticing offer sheet could significantly impact the Bruins' capacity to address other pressing needs and potentially result in forfeiting a valuable first-round draft pick.

Sweeney's remarks reflect a strong inclination to retain Swayman, yet the looming possibility of an offer sheet cannot be disregarded.

As highlighted by the quoted agent, this remains a situation of utmost importance to monitor as the Bruins navigate the delicate equilibrium between cap space, player contracts, and future prospects.
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Bruins Player May Get An Offer Sheet From A Team In The West

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