Bruins Players Offer Their Thoughts on Ullmark's Almost Fight

Dorin Canaday
April 24, 2023  (1:37)

Linus Ullmark had finally reached his boiling point with Matthew Tkachuk during the fourth game and decided to take matters into his own hands - quite literally.

Goalie Gloves Hit the Ice

With a mere 3:11 left on the clock and the Bruins in the lead with a score of 5-2, Tkachuk instigated a tussle right in front of the Boston net. This resulted in the Panthers' forward taking a swing at Ullmark, which prompted the goaltender to get in on the action.
Although he spent the last three minutes on the bench, Ullmark still secured the victory, making an impressive 41 saves out of 43 shots.
However, the real highlight came after the game when his teammates shared their reactions to the unexpected scuffle.
Brandon Carlo:
''Linus is an animal. Deep down in him, he can beat up anybody.''

and on if the team would let Ulmark fight Tkachuk:

''I think we're going to keep Linus' hands intact, and not let him risk breaking anybody's face. So we're gonna leave it like that''

Brad Marchand:
''He's got the size and reach, you know, but maybe a little less experienced than Tkachuk. Maybe one day we'll get to see.''

Head coach Jim Montgomery took the opportunity to praise his team, and although Ullmark could've kept playing, they didn't let him.
''We didn't want to risk anything. As a goalie, you're just expected to stop pucks. You're not expected to take stick work and someone coming after you. So we stick together and we stuck together. Really proud of our group with how we stuck together there.''

but also added:

''I love it. He's all in.''

The team has undoubtedly grown closer during this remarkable season, as evidenced by their incredible reactions.
Despite missing Patrice Bergeron (throughout the series) and David Krejci (games 3 and 4), the Bruins head back to Boston boasting a dominant 3-1 series lead over Florida.
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