Bruins Unknowingly Achieved Remarkable Milestone

Published March 26, 2023 at 1:53
The Bruins secured the Atlantic Division on Saturday afternoon with a victory over the Lightning, becoming the first team to lock in a playoff spot this season. However, they reportedly didn't realize it.

Concentrating on the Bigger Picture

The Bruins have set or come close to breaking numerous NHL records this season due to their outstanding performance. Amidst personal achievements and milestones, the team overlooked clinching the division, as head coach Jim Montgomery explained.

''You know, I forgot because things were happening so quickly. (Dmitry) Orlov had his 700th game, (David) Krejci moved into fifth place all-time (for games played) as a Bruin. We talked about those things, we didn't actually talk about the Atlantic Division. But it's a tremendous feat with 10 games left.''

Despite holding an incredible 56-11-5 record with only 10 games left, the Bruins maintain their focus on delivering a complete game every night.

This mentality was evident when captain Patrice Bergeron discovered that his team had clinched the top spot in the Atlantic:

‘'Oh, did we?''

‘'It's not something that we stop and worry about. I think we wanna improve, we wanna get better. I think (Saturday), we liked the response the 60-minute effort from top to bottom‘'

Boston's mindset right now shows the well-known culture that was started with guys like Bergeron, David Krejci and Brad Marchand over the years.

As read on Bruins Insider - Bruins Were Unaware They Accomplished Tremendous Feat
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