Bruins issue statement on a new pro hockey team in town

Published September 1, 2023 at 0:13
Amid growing anticipation, the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) has revealed its initial six markets on Tuesday, marking an exciting new era for women's hockey.

Joining the chorus of approval for this progressive step is the Boston Bruins, who are throwing their support behind the PWHL, heralding a promising future for the sport.

Introduction of a New Landscape

The new markets encompass Boston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the bustling New York City area. These cities are poised to witness the emergence of vibrant teams, with the process set in motion through a 10-day free agency window starting from September 1st. With the regular season all set for a January kickoff, fans are gearing up for an action-packed journey ahead.

Embracing the Momentum

The Bruins, expressing their excitement on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter), stated,
«More hockey in Boston is always a good thing,»
effectively encapsulating the palpable enthusiasm surrounding this pivotal development. You can check out their statement below:

Championing Progress

Stan Kasten, President of the Los Angeles Dodgers, stands as a significant financial backer of the PWHL. His aspirations reach great heights as he envisions the league attracting top-tier women's hockey talent from around the world.

Continued Unveilings

While the initial revelations set the stage, the PWHL has promised more unveilings on the horizon. Enthusiasts can look forward to upcoming announcements, including the 24-game regular-season schedule and the appointment of general managers for each franchise. The countdown is underway for the 2023 PWHL Draft scheduled for September 18th, providing a sneak peek into the player pool available for each team. Notably, the free-agency pool remains a crucial resource for teams to shape their competitive rosters.

Focus on Boston

As the inaugural game draws nearer, expect a flurry of information about the Boston franchise in the lead-up. Details and insights are poised to unfold, building excitement for the first face-off of what promises to be a thrilling season.
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Bruins issue statement on a new pro hockey team in town

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