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Bruins on Verge of Bringing Back 3 Time Stanley Cup Winner?

Published December 31, 2023 at 2:20 PM
The Boston Bruins are reportedly interested in signing veteran Phil Kessel. Kessel was selected 5th overall by the Bruins in the 06-07 Entry Draft. He was integral to Boston's past success before moving on to other franchises winning multiple Stanley Cups in the process. He is currently an unrestricted free agent.

Kessel has always been known as a natural goal scorer with over 400 goals tallied in his NHL career. A recent Twitter poll showed split interest among fans of signing Kessel at an even 50-50 split. Clearly some think the Bruins could use the goal scoring, but some think it is valid to question whether the 36-year-old winger has anything left in the tank.

Bringing Kessel back would be a feel-good nostalgia story that many fans love. However, you have to ask the hard question: would he help this team who is in a tight race for the first spot in the Atlantic division with Florida and Toronto breathing down the Bruins neck for first place?

If Kessel could find his old scoring ability along with the veteran playoffs presence he would bring, then Bruins fans would welcome him back with open arms. He would be able to finish his illustrious career with the same team he started it with.

Source: BruinsInsider
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