Bruins reportedly not done making big moves

Published September 4, 2023 at 1:51
Mike McIntyre from the Winnipeg Free Press has brought up the possibility of the Boston Bruins looking to enhance their center depth chart by targeting Mark Scheifele. With the departure of Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, there's an opening for a valuable center position within the Bruins lineup. The question now arises whether Bruins' General Manager Don Sweeney will take a proactive approach and propose a tempting offer to Kevin Cheveldayoff, the Winnipeg Jets' counterpart.

McIntyre explains that the situation is intricate, as there's a growing belief that Scheifele could benefit from a change of scenery. However, orchestrating a trade involving Scheifele would be complex, considering various factors. Since his incident with Montreal's Jake Evans, Scheifele's performance hasn't been the same.

Moreover, McIntyre points out that trading Scheifele could become difficult for the Jets if they find themselves in a successful position during the season. He raises the question of whether Cheveldayoff would be willing to move two key players while potentially competing for a playoff spot. This decision would send a strong message not only to the fanbase, with the organization's efforts to reconnect over the summer, but also to the remaining players on the Jets' roster.

"What happens if Winnipeg is in a playoff spot, or at least fighting for one? Would Cheveldayoff really move two of his most valuable players in that situation, effectively waving the white flag? It would be quite the message sent, not only to a fanbase the organization has been trying to re-connect with this summer — in the form of an aggressive marketing and ticketing campaign — but also to the remaining players on the roster." Source – ‘Jets entering season of uncertainty' – Mike McIntyre – Winnipeg Free Press

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Bruins reportedly not done making big moves

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