Bruins to reveal new captain before next season

Published August 5, 2023 at 9:58

In the wake of Patrice Bergeron's retirement, the Boston Bruins are actively contemplating Brad Marchand as their next captain, according to a seasoned former coach. During an appearance on the Cam & Strick podcast, Bruce Cassidy, the ex-Bruins coach, enthusiastically endorsed Marchand's potential for the leadership role.

Cassidy emphasized that true leaders are a rare breed, and he commended Bergeron's exceptional leadership style, which included leading by example, putting in hard work during practices, and fostering a welcoming atmosphere off the ice while upholding the team's core values, as established by former captain Zdeno Chara.

In Cassidy's eyes, Marchand possesses all the attributes necessary to become a great captain - from his lead-by-example approach to his unwavering determination to secure victories, all backed by a wealth of experience.

Though discussions within the Bruins about the captaincy have been relatively limited since Bergeron's recent retirement, it appears highly likely that Marchand will be officially unveiled as the team's captain before the start of the 2023-24 season.

Despite concerns about his advancing age, his remarkable contributions and long-standing tenure with the team make him a perfect fit to take on the esteemed position as the new #1 leader in Boston.

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Bruins to reveal new captain before next season

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