Cale Makar Reacts Strongly to Bobby Orr Comparison in Interview with Reporter

Austin Sabourin
August 28, 2023  (1:10)

Cale Makar is really putting forward a strong argument for being counted among the top 5 players in the league, and this is making both fans and experts draw some interesting comparisons.

The rising star from Calgary is being likened to none other than the legendary Bobby Orr, who's widely hailed as one of the all-time great defensemen. It's pretty impressive, considering Makar is just 24 years old. He's already got an impressive list of achievements under his belt, including a Stanley Cup win, a Calder Trophy, a Conn Smythe Trophy, and the James-Norris Trophy. And he's managed to pull all this off in just 238 games, racking up a hefty 246 points.
Bobby Orr, in his first four NHL seasons, put up a whopping 306 points, with an astonishing 120 points in his fourth year alone. It's no wonder that people are drawing parallels, although Cale Makar doesn't seem to be fully embracing the comparison.
In a recent interview with ESPN, Makar shared his thoughts on the matter:
"I find these comparisons a bit absurd. Being compared to someone of Bobby Orr's stature is quite unbelievable," he said. "From where I stand, it's hard to wrap my head around. I'm only 24, and what Bobby Orr achieved is almost unmatched. I'm nowhere near that level. While there's some truth to the comparison, it's important to stay grounded."

Recognizing the honor of being linked to such an iconic player, Makar humbly added, "But let's remember, I haven't really achieved anything major yet. I'm still really young." - Cale Makar
Looking at the trophy collection, Makar's perspective seems reasonable, considering Orr won five Norris Trophies between the ages of 22 and 26, and he also had an incredible run of six consecutive seasons with 100 points or more.
It's crucial to acknowledge that the game itself has changed since the "Bobby Orr era," with more goals being scored and a different level of talent in today's NHL compared to back then.
And speaking of milestones, during the past summer, Makar hit a pretty big one by becoming the cover athlete for EA Sports' NHL 24 video game. This is a major achievement that many young hockey players dream about, and it's a testament to Makar's skill and dedication.
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Cale Makar Reacts Strongly to Bobby Orr Comparison in Interview with Reporter

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