David Pastrnak's Meaningful Message to Bruins Legend David Krejci

Austin Sabourin
August 16, 2023  (1:02 PM)

In a really emotional twist, David Pastrnak from the Boston Bruins found himself dealing with more than just the empty space left by David Krejci's retirement from the National Hockey League on Monday.

It was like a piece of his heart was missing, not just on the ice but also in his life – a really close friend who was always there.
The Bruins shared a super touching goodbye video where it was clear that Pastrnak, from the same place as Krejci in the Czech Republic, really valued all the time they spent together playing.
"He's the best teammate I've ever had, and I can't thank him enough," Pastrnak said. "So congrats and good luck for what comes next."

Pastrnak also let his feelings out on the team's social media channel on the X Platform, which used to be called Twitter.
"He's been my buddy since day one. I'm seriously going to miss him," Pastrnak shared. "I have so many memories that remind me of him. That's what's cool about hockey – you find a friend for life... even in 20 or 30 years, he'll still be my buddy. That's what's great about this sport."

Ever since he got picked in the first round of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, Pastrnak relied on the older veteran, who's 37 years old, for advice both on and off the ice.
The way Krejci and Patrice Bergeron, who just retired, led the team was really important.
"Those two guys are the best example," Pastrnak said in May during an interview at the end of the season. "They're some of the best leaders on the team and in the sport... They've taught me a lot for a long time, and who I am as a player and a person, I owe a lot to those guys. It's really cool how they influence the younger guys, being older guys and leaders."

Now, with Pastrnak wearing the "assistant captain" thing for some of the last two seasons, he's getting ready to be an even bigger leader during the Bruins' 100th season.
"I learned the best stuff from those guys," Pastrnak said in May. "They're awesome people and awesome hockey players... when you watch them, you want to be like them, right? Even when you're young, you want to be like them. So, I'm really thankful for how I grew as a person and a player, thanks to them."

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David Pastrnak's Meaningful Message to Bruins Legend David Krejci

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