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David Pastrnak Owns An NHL Franchise

Published January 28, 2024 at 4:46 PM
There are teams in the NHL that you just looking forward to playing. They don't have to be rivalry games, just teams that a player does particularly well against. Teams that, for whatever reason, can't stop certain players. The Flyers can't stop David Pastrnak. Here are Pasta's career numbers against the Flyers:

29 Games
26 Goals
16 Assists
42 Points
+24 Rating

As a reminder, this is not a divisional opponent. This is not Sidney Crosby who used to see this team eight times a year. This is just another Eastern Conference team, which has not had an answer for Pasta since he came into the league. The Flyers know he is the star if the team, they know he's looking to score, and still can't stop him. Multiple teams, different goalies, different scheme, different coaches- same result.

Bruins fans should figure it's almost like we have a goal or two advantage going into the game, cause Pasta is going to score, somehow. This is just another huge positive that comes from having David Pastrnak, a player who is underrated in this league with the likes of Connor McDavid, Connor Bedard, Nikita Kucherov and Nathan MacKinnon.
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David Pastrnak Owns An NHL Franchise

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