David Pastrnak Talks About How This Life Changing Moment Has Affected Him

Published September 19, 2023 at 8:45
Boston Bruins' star David Pastrnak recently shared two profoundly emotional moments from his summer – the birth of his baby daughter and the return of Milan Lucic to the team. These moments left a lasting impact on him.

When discussing his daughter's arrival, Pastrnak was visibly thrilled, stating,

"It's been amazing, it turns your life around, it's been great. Got to spend time with my family this summer. Calling it perfect timing and been enjoying it every day, so it's been amazing."

The timing of his daughter's birth allowed him to cherish precious family moments throughout the summer, and fatherhood has brought him immense happiness.

Pastrnak also expressed his joy at Lucic's return, saying,

«Yeah, I mean, I'm so happy to have him back. It's been a long time since he's been on the team, but I always remember my first couple of years, and he's one of those guys who helped me as a human being and a player to get to where I'm at. You know, I was really sad. I still remember the day he got traded, so it brings back some memories, and I'm really excited to have him back.»

Lucic played a significant role in Pastrnak's development, and his return stirred fond memories and excitement for the future.

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David Pastrnak Talks About How This Life Changing Moment Has Affected Him

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