Did the Boston Bruins Head Coach Overestimate His Strategy?

Austin Sabourin
June 18, 2023  (7:00 PM)

Lessons Learned and Missed Opportunities

The Boston Bruins had a remarkable regular season but faced a disappointing exit in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Head coach Jim Montgomery shoulders some of the blame for the team's struggles, despite their impressive record-breaking season. In his first year as coach, the Bruins seemed unstoppable until the playoffs arrived, revealing Montgomery's apparent loss of control.
Reflecting on the postseason, Montgomery acknowledges his failure to read the situation correctly as the Bruins faced setbacks. He realizes that the team did not exhibit the same level of performance and speed they showcased during the regular season. Watching the games again, he notices their lack of intensity and acknowledges that it will haunt him until the next season.
Furthermore, Montgomery admits to exploring body language cues and seeks ways to improve as a coach. The disappointment of not achieving their goals weighs heavily on him, believing that he could have helped his team perform at their best during the crucial moments of the playoffs. The coach takes full responsibility for the team's failure and acknowledges the lasting impact it will have on him.
Not only were the players overlooked, but the Bruins' formidable goalie tandem also fell apart. Instead of utilizing both Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman interchangeably, Montgomery stuck with Ullmark alone, disrupting the rhythm the two netminders had established.
In playoff scenarios, it is common to rely on the stronger goalie, but with Ullmark and Swayman as a duo, it was important to use both effectively. Ullmark's overexertion led to a decline in performance, and the Bruins could not recover.
Montgomery also discusses his decision to bring back captain Patrice Bergeron for game 5, which did not have the desired impact on the team as anticipated.
Despite any regrets, the coach highlights the scrutiny he would have faced had Bergeron been healthy but not played in the crucial game. Unfortunately, this season had its share of ups and downs for the Bruins, emphasizing the importance of their ability to bounce back.
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Did the Boston Bruins Head Coach Overestimate His Strategy?

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