Don Sweeney Addresses Concerns Surrounding Tyler Bertuzzi

Published July 9, 2023 at 2:08 PM

GM Don Sweeney Surprised by Tyler Bertuzzi's One-Year Deal; Bruins' Efforts to Re-sign Him Fell Short

Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney expressed surprise when Tyler Bertuzzi signed a one-year deal with another team after the Bruins made considerable efforts to re-sign him.

Sweeney acknowledged that the Bruins were looking for longer-term deals, but some teams were able to offer shorter-term contracts at favorable terms.

Despite offering multiple multi-year deals, the Bruins did not discuss a one-year contract with Bertuzzi.

Sweeney admitted that the team had to fill other roster gaps and had to be cautious with their salary cap space.

The Bruins had a competitive core and aimed to complement it while allowing some players to develop.

With limited time and the availability of affordable free agents, the Bruins couldn't wait indefinitely for Bertuzzi's decision

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Don Sweeney Addresses Concerns Surrounding Tyler Bertuzzi

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