Former Bruin Becomes Connor Bedard's All-Time Favorite Teammate

Published September 2, 2023 at 4:47
In the earlier part of the year, before the draft took center stage, a notable trade took place. The Boston Bruins made the decision to trade Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno to the Chicago Blackhawks, acquiring Alec Regula and Ian Mitchell in return.

Fast forward to the present, at the BioSteel NHL Camp, first overall pick Connor Bedard has shared a heartwarming insight. He mentioned that Nick Foligno has consistently been checking in on him, forming a connection that extends beyond the ice.

Nick Foligno's reputation within the NHL extends to his supportive and mentoring nature. This trait has been evident during his time as a captain, notably with the Columbus Blue Jackets. His commitment to looking out for the young talents within the league is a longstanding attribute.

As Nick Foligno departs from Boston, his presence will undoubtedly be missed. His legacy of leadership and mentorship leaves an indelible mark on those he's touched throughout his journey.
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Former Bruin Becomes Connor Bedard's All-Time Favorite Teammate

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