Former NHL enforcer faces serious allegations

Austin Sabourin
August 4, 2023  (3:05 PM)

In a troubling development, former NHL forward Sean Avery is facing serious allegations from his estranged wife, Hilary Rhoda. Rhoda, 36, who filed for divorce from the 43-year-old Avery in July last year, has obtained a temporary restraining order against him, preventing any contact with her or their 3-year-old son Nash.

According to a report by ET Canada, Rhoda accuses Avery of domestic abuse and child abuse, painting a distressing picture of their tumultuous relationship. One incident in September 2022 resulted in Avery's arrest for domestic battery when he entered Rhoda's house against her wishes, climbed into bed with her, and shook her arms twice. The situation escalated, prompting Rhoda to call the police out of fear for her safety.
Since then, Rhoda claims that Avery has repeatedly loitered near her house, causing her distress. She reveals that Avery's aggressive behavior extends beyond her, as he yells, swears, and engages in name-calling regularly. Shockingly, she alleges that their young son Nash hasn't been spared from Avery's outbursts either.
In June 2022, Nash fell ill in the middle of the night, and Avery reacted aggressively, causing distress to both mother and son. Avery screamed at Rhoda to get Nash's medicine, punched the wall and bedroom door, and later slammed her finger in the cabinet door.
Even more heartbreaking is Rhoda's disclosure that the next month, Avery body-slammed Nash on his changing table, leaving the young child traumatized and in tears.
The allegations against Avery also suggest that he has endangered Nash's safety in various ways, including screaming at him, recklessly handling him in the car without proper restraint, and exposing him to marijuana and cigarettes.
As these disturbing reports came to light, both Avery's and Rhoda's lawyers have declined to comment on the matter, leaving the public and the sports community deeply concerned about these serious accusations against the once-celebrated NHL player.
Source: Hockeyfeed
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