Former NHL superstar might be coming back

Published May 23, 2023 at 6:02

Jaromir Jagr, the eternal force in the NHL with a remarkable 1733 games to his name, has sparked rumors of a potential return in a recent Instagram post. While the likelihood of Jagr making a comeback as a player at the age of 51 is slim, there is a chance he could leave his mark on the league as a coach or manager.

Intriguingly, Jagr's Instagram post contained a penguin emoji in the caption, along with a glimpse of Penguins memorabilia in the picture. This hint suggests a potential reunion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team he has a strong connection with from his illustrious playing days.

The Penguins, currently in search of a new GM, could undoubtedly benefit from Jagr's immense experience and deep understanding of the game. As a true legend in the sport, Jagr's unwavering passion for hockey is evident, and even if he ultimately decides to retire from playing, it appears inevitable that he will seamlessly transition into a leadership role.

Only time will reveal if Jagr's comeback is in the cards, but one thing remains certain: his impact on the sport will endure, whether he graces the ice once again or contributes from the managerial sidelines. It is worth noting that Jagr also had a brief stint with the Boston Bruins during the 2012-2013 season, further showcasing his extensive NHL journey.
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Former NHL superstar might be coming back

Will Jagr play till he's 55?

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