Gary Bettman's Recent Announcement Seems to Snub the Bruins

Published December 6, 2023 at 9:47

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman recently confirmed that the upcoming NHL Draft on June 28/29 will take place at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The NHL Board officially approved this location, designating it as the final centralized draft before the decentralization process begins.

However, this announcement has stirred dissatisfaction, especially among Boston Bruins supporters who perceive the decision as a slight against their team.

The NHL Draft will be held June 28/29 at the Sphere in Las Vegas. NHL Board just made it official. This will be the final draft before decentralizing.

The discontent arises primarily from the fact that the Bruins have not hosted the NHL Draft since 1999. During the years that followed, the Bruins achieved notable success, including winning the Stanley Cup and making multiple appearances in the finals.

Moreover, their exceptional performance in the previous year resulted in setting a new record for the highest number of wins in a single season. Despite these accomplishments, the Bruins have consistently missed out on the opportunity to host the draft.

The significance of the draft surpasses mere player selections; it holds a special place as a significant event for the host city and its loyal fans. Boston, renowned for its rich hockey legacy and passionate fan base, may feel neglected by this decision.

As the league progresses toward decentralization after this upcoming draft, the timeline for when the Bruins will get the chance to showcase their city and honor the future stars of the NHL remains uncertain.

Source: Bruinsinsider
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Gary Bettman's Recent Announcement Seems to Snub the Bruins

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