Gary Bettman's recent action has sparked anger among NHL fans

Published November 25, 2023 at 0:17
NHL supporters are furious with Gary Bettman due to his recent involvement. The source of this discontent arises from Marc-Andre Fleury's wish to participate in an upcoming Native American Heritage Night hosted by the Minnesota Wild.

Fleury, in a gesture of support for his Native American wife and indigenous communities in North America, aimed to don a unique goalie mask crafted by a Native artist for an upcoming event.

However, Bettman, the NHL commissioner, intervened and halted Fleury's intentions. The league's policy against players wearing gear to back specific causes prompted Bettman to issue a strong warning, threatening Fleury with a hefty fine if he proceeded to wear the helmet, even during warm-ups. According to Fleury's agent, Allan Walsh, the goaltender was initially ready to face the fine and wear the helmet anyway. However, Bettman extended the threat to encompass the entire Wild organization.

This incident illustrates the opposition to the NHL's stance on limiting players from displaying support for causes through their equipment. Critics argue that the league's approach is rough, insensitive, and hampers players' ability to express their values and interests. Instead of embracing a chance to highlight a player's advocacy, the NHL chose to suppress such expressions, fearing potential controversy, a move that has drawn criticism from disapproving fans.

Source: bruinsinsider
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Gary Bettman's recent action has sparked anger among NHL fans

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