Getting to know Morgan Geekie

Published July 14, 2023 at 1:01 PM

The Boston Bruins wasted no time fortifying their contender status for the upcoming 2023-24 season with significant signings on July 1. The return of Milan Lucic and Kevin Shattenkirk to Boston generated excitement, and the team added Morgan Geekie to their roster, signing him for a two-year contract.

Geekie's transition to the Bruins marks his first multi-year deal in the NHL, accompanied by a salary increase to $2 million per year. Despite his youthful age of 24, Geekie has already amassed 180 games of professional experience, offering intriguing insights into his relatively short career.

The Carolina Hurricanes drafted Geekie in 2017, setting the stage for his NHL journey. Before joining the Hurricanes' AHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers, he enjoyed a fruitful period in the Western Hockey League.

Geekie's noteworthy achievements include winning the Calder Cup with the Checkers in 2019 and making his NHL debut in March 2020, where he impressively netted two goals in his inaugural game and added another in his third appearance.

Having accumulated a total of 22 NHL goals, Geekie exhibits a balanced distribution of scoring prowess across all three periods. Interestingly, his road performances surpass his home games in terms of point production, while his plus/minus statistics reflect contrasting outcomes in each setting.

Born in 1998, Geekie stands among the 132 players from his birth year who have graced the NHL. Currently occupying the 26th spot in scoring among his peers, he represents a promising talent within his cohort.

Geekie's family boasts a deep-rooted connection to hockey. His father, Craig, enjoyed a stint in the WHL, while his brother Connor garners attention as a prospect for the Arizona Coyotes. Another sibling, Noah, initially pursued AAA hockey before making a transition to baseball.

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Getting to know Morgan Geekie

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