Is a significant pursuit expected in Corey Perry's case?

Published November 30, 2023 at 2:09 PM
Corey Perry's story continues to generate a lot of discussion, mainly due to the unprecedented nature of this situation in NHL history.

Moreover, the outcome of this issue, leading to the termination of his contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, sets a significant precedent for future proceedings within the league.

Despite no team claiming the 38-year-old veteran off waivers, his $4 million contract was ultimately voided.

If one believed that this concluded the saga, that would no longer hold true today. According to journalist Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the National Hockey League Players' Association is currently seriously reviewing Perry's case.

Due to the collective bargaining agreement and the potential loss of several million dollars resulting from the former Ducks, Stars and Canadiens player's contract termination, alongside the tarnishing of his reputation and the precedent it sets for the league, an appeal to the Blackhawks organization's decision could arise within the next 60 days.

Let's just say there might be some significant upheaval in the coming weeks, especially if Perry opts to contest the termination. Moreover, all of this might also hinge on whether he secures a new contract for the remainder of the season.

Furthermore, there's an update regarding a potential upcoming signing for him. You can find all the details in the article below.

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