Jeremy Swayman reflects on being benched during the game.

Christopher Faucher
November 30, 2023  (11:01)

Jeremy Swayman is prepared to make a comeback following his substitution in the Bruins' defeat against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Jim Montgomery disclosed to the press after Monday's defeat that the Boston goalie inquired about the reason for his substitution. This discussion was postponed because the head coach believed the team required a catalyst. Unfortunately, the decision didn't yield positive results,

"I want to be in the game no matter what," Swayman said to reporters. "And it wasn't a jawing back or anything like that. It was just a communication thing, and we talked about it. And we're completely good."

"I had a good meeting with (Swayman on Wednesday,» Montgomery told reporters, per Eric Russo of BostonBruins.com. «Sway is a competitor. I always trust my gut behind the bench, and my gut said the team needed a spark, and that was the way to get it. In New York, my gut told me to call a timeout, and my gut told me to pull the goalie with seven and a half minutes left (in Columbus)."

"I don't like living with regret, and sometimes I make bad decisions. And I've got to own up to those as well, and I do that in my conversations with the players if it's the case. But I'm going to go back with Swayman (Thursday) night."

"He's our head coach, and we trust everything that he's going to do," Swayman said. "I thought we did get the jump a little bit, whatever it takes for the team to win. I know I'm going to take the positives, and roll with it and move forward like I always do."

"I want to finish every game I start," Swayman said. "That's an edge I know I play with, and that's what my M.O. is. The guys, they all trust in me that I'm going to battle no matter what, and that's something I'm going to carry forward for the rest of my career, and today and tomorrow. I got to look at the film I did (Wednesday). Again, make some changes and move forward with the positives."

The Bruins will face off against the San Jose Sharks at TD Garden tonight.
Source: NESN
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