Jim Montgomery Addresses Major Line Shakeup

Published October 18, 2023 at 8:25 PM
As the Boston Bruins prepare for a challenging four-game road trip, Coach Jim Montgomery is quick to optimize their offensive potential early in the season.

Montgomery acknowledged the small sample size of the season and the need for an offensive spark, stating,
"We're hitting the road, which factors into it. I haven't seen much 5-on-5 offense yet. I trust my instincts, and I want to try something new to ignite the team."

Wednesday's practice at the San Jose Sharks' facility initially lacked intensity after a travel day. Montgomery explained,
"I didn't like the beginning, but after seven minutes, the pace picked up, showing the intensity we need for success."

The second line, featuring Brad Marchand, Matthew Poitras, and Morgan Geekie, embodies this intensity. Montgomery stressed the importance of their speed, creativity, and net-front presence.

Notably, Montgomery has experimented with Geekie's position, shifting him between center and wing. This adaptability has earned Geekie praise from the Bruins' coach.

As the Bruins hit the road, fans eagerly await the impact of Montgomery's strategic line changes on the team's offensive performance.

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