John Tortorella Told His Player to "Take Some Drugs"

Published August 19, 2023 at 5:43 PM

Insights into Tortorella's Coaching Approach

As John Tortorella, a coach known for his lively methods and unwavering passion, nears the end of his coaching journey, a new dimension of his persona comes to light. Players from both the past and present are offering glimpses into his more personal side.

Unconventional Methods Revealed

During a recent appearance on the Missin' Curfew podcast, former NHL player Brandon Prust shared a surprising story from Tortorella's time with the New York Rangers. Amid a challenging period for Brad Richards, Tortorella humorously suggested an unconventional solution: exploring offbeat paths, even jesting about the notion of trying something audacious like using drugs, to break free from a performance slump.

A Unique Connection

While this tale is undoubtedly lighthearted, it offers a glimpse into Tortorella's distinct method of bonding with his players. It underscores his distinctive coaching style, reminding us that behind the scenes, Tortorella's coaching philosophy remains unparalleled and resonates with those who experience it.

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John Tortorella Told His Player to "Take Some Drugs"

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