Lucic's Return to Boston Marked by a Significant Honour

Published September 10, 2023 at 5:59 PM
Milan Lucic, a seasoned NHL player, is back with the Boston Bruins, and it's like he never left. His bond with Boston remains strong, and recent events have solidified his place in Bruins history.

Lucic's joy in returning to his NHL roots in the city is clear. The Bruins honored him by recognizing him as one of their top 100 legendary players, and this moment was beautifully captured in photos.

What makes it even sweeter is that his teammate, Charlie McAvoy, also made the top 100 list, joining in the celebration.

Boston fans have wholeheartedly welcomed Lucic back. He even threw the first pitch at a Red Sox game, and the crowd's spirited "Luuuu" chants filled the stadium.

These chants, a signature of Lucic's time with the Bruins, show the lasting impact he's had on the city and its sports culture. His top 100 ranking with the Bruins is a testament to his enduring legacy in Boston.

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Lucic's Return to Boston Marked by a Significant Honour

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