Marchand Relates Bruins Top Prospect To Mitch Marner

Published October 5, 2023 at 11:27
In a recent practice, Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery had an intriguing lineup move. He placed 19-year-old Matt Poitras as the center between Bruins captain Brad Marchand and winger Trent Frederic, all in preparation for the team's preseason home finale against the Washington Capitals.

After the practice, Marchand had some high praise for Poitras, commending the young center's abilities on both ends of the ice:

«He's smart on both sides of the puckthe way he moves and can dish it,» Brad Marchand said when asked to give his scouting report on Poitras. «Just reminds me of [Mitch] Marner. It's similar where he's not timid to get into the dirty areas and compete for pucks. He's got great vision. He does a great job of cutting to the middle and buying himself some space. He's able to find the quiet areas where he has an extra second to make a play. Even when he's under pressure, and guys are kind of barreling down, he finds holes. He's got great vision, for sure.»

Upon hearing Marchand's compliments, Poitras couldn't hide his excitement, considering it a significant compliment from a veteran player like Marchand,

«That's pretty cool; that's a good compliment,»
he said with a wide smile.

Marchand, at 35, with a wealth of experience, also shared some wisdom. He emphasized the need for consistency and acknowledged the challenge of playing on consecutive nights, which is a crucial test for young players aiming to reach the next level. Despite the challenges, Marchand expressed confidence in Poitras' potential, believing the young player has a bright future ahead.

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