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Marchand Throws a Playful Jab at Teammate During Exit Interview

Published May 3, 2023 at 12:35

A day after the heart-wrenching first-round defeat, the Bruins gathered their belongings on Tuesday, and Brad Marchand's playful side emerged once again.

As Bruins enthusiasts are well aware, the seasoned Marchand never passes up an opportunity to poke fun at someone,
particularly his teammates.

Never Missing a Chance to Tease Teammates

This time, the forward was questioned about the likelihood of any Trade Deadline newcomers sticking around in Boston for the next season.

Seizing the opportunity, Marchand playfully ribbed fellow "agitator" Tyler Bertuzzi.

‘'Yeah, obviously, we'd love for all of them to stay except for Bert.''

‘'No, we'd love for everybody to stay. They're all incredible guys. Off the ice as well as players on the ice. They gelled with our group right away, and we all got along really well with all three of them.''

- Tyler Bertuzzi

Before Bertuzzi and Marchand teamed up this season, they had their fair share of "disputes" in the past.

Check out these examples:

There's no confirmation yet on whether Bertuzzi or other short-term players will return to Boston next season. But, as Marchand alluded to, the team and fans would be thrilled to welcome him back.

In the 21 games after joining the Bruins, the 28-year-old tallied 16 points. During his first playoff run in his nine-year career, Bertuzzi, along with Marchand, topped the team with 10 points.

As read on Bruins Insider - Marchand Takes a Shot at a Teammate in a Hilarious Interview.
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Marchand Throws a Playful Jab at Teammate During Exit Interview

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