Massive Fine And Suspension Handed Out After Player Lays Out Ref

Published October 15, 2023 at 11:28 PM
In professional sports leagues, the safety of officials, including referees and linesmen, is paramount, just as in any workplace.

However, a recent incident in the Swedish Hockey League exposed a lapse in this safety protocol. Albin Lundin of Timra tripped a linesman during a game against Orebro, leading to a three-game suspension and a 10,000 Swedish krona fine.

The league issued an official statement, asserting, "The board finds that Albin Lundin was indifferent to the collision with the linesman. Notably, Lundin did not stop after the incident or show any concern for the referee."

Lundin himself reflected on the incident after the game, explaining,
"After the whistle blew, I looked at the jumbotron to assess the situation. While I unintentionally ran into the referee, I immediately approached him to apologize and assure him it wasn't intentional. I expressed my regrets to the linesman several times."

He added, "I moved forward after leaving the bench, maintaining a straight path. It's open to debate whether I should have seen him, but I genuinely didn't."

In response to the situation, Kimmo Kapanen, the sporting director of Timra, intends to file an appeal.

Consequently, the Swedish Hockey League has taken action by suspending Albin Lundin of Timrå for three games and imposing a 10,000 Swedish Krona fine, equivalent to approximately $913 US dollars.

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Massive Fine And Suspension Handed Out After Player Lays Out Ref

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