Milan Lucic has an emotional reunion with this superstar

Published July 13, 2023 at 9:25 PM

Beloved Bruins forward Milan Lucic made a heartwarming return to Boston, strolling through familiar streets and reuniting with former teammate David Pastrnak.

Their emotional embrace captured the camaraderie they shared, fueling anticipation of donning the same jersey again.

Lucic, at 35, embarks on his 17th NHL season, aiming to ignite the team's spirit as a bottom-six forward. Meanwhile, Pastrnak has become a franchise cornerstone, earning Hart Trophy recognition with 113 points.

Although not sharing a line next season, their genuine enthusiasm for the reunion is evident. Their bond extends beyond the ice, highlighting the lasting impact of their friendship.

The return of Lucic to Boston signifies the enduring power of connections forged in competition. This story resonates with fans, showcasing the profound significance of shared experiences.

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Milan Lucic has an emotional reunion with this superstar

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